Cool Springs

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Start/Finish: Turn right out of Wilderness View Cabin Rental Entrance, Fort Mountain State Park will be a little over two miles down the road. From The Overlook Inn Bed & Breakfast, make a left, the entrance is about a mile down the road. Fort Mountain State Park will be on the right, turn in and look for the biker parking lot.

Trail Configuration: Loop

Surface: Single Track 6.3 miles

Highlights: Superb views, technical downhill, rock garden, waterfalls and cascades, tough climb

Total Distance: 6.3 miles

Time Allowance: Beginner 3.5+ hours; Intermediate 2 hours: Advanced 1.5 hours


  • From start-ride across road onto trail.
  • Mile 0.1-bear left at trail fork.
  • Mile 0.8-cross road.
  • Mile 1.3-cross road at Cool Springs Overlook.
  • Mile 2.1-bottom of switchbacks. Turn right.
  • Mile 2.7-turn right on old roadbed.
  • Mile 3.0-turn right on trail.
  • Mile 4.5-turn right across creek.
  • Mile 5.1-turn right on Gold Mine Trail.
  • Mile 6.2-turn left to close loop.
  • Mile 6.3-finish.

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