About the Owners, Sharon Bungo and Louis Bungo



A note from Sharon Bungo, owner of Wilderness View Cabins:


To our guests--who make their way up Fort Mountain every season to stay at our cabins or who see us as the first stop on a journey along the Appalachian Trail--Wilderness View Cabins is a safe, warm, welcoming refuge in the mountains. Many of our cabins are known for their breathtaking views and seclusion; and guests, from Atlanta, Alabama, Florida, the Carolinas, Tennessee (and more!) come to us to escape their everyday and become immersed in nature.


We also think of Wilderness View Cabins in this way. We started this chapter of our lives to also become closer with nature, to remove ourselves from the chaos of big cities and business attire. But for us, Wilderness View Cabins is so much more.


Like many of you, coming to the mountains has always been my escape, and I wanted to make this “escape” my work. Ever since childhood summers in the Catskill Mountains of New York, I loved spending time in the mountains. I instilled this in my son Louis by spending weekends in the mountains of West Virginia as he grew up. This love has now brought us to the beautiful mountains of northern Georgia. We share ownership of Wilderness View Cabins and could not be happier with making our escape to the mountains a permanent fixture in our lives.


Beyond being my own personal escape, Wilderness View Cabins represents a blended family and its story. Whenever we tell people this story, they’re amazed. In addition to the work of my son and I, we also employ and are supported by my daughter-in-law's parents. With the help of Janice and Jesse, days at Wilderness View Cabins are not only smoothly managed but also filled with love, community, and, perhaps most importantly, a personal investment in our company and the product we put forward.


The idea of having a set of in-laws running a business together seems unfathomable, idyllic, and even naive. But it works. It is beautiful. And this business has become the touchstone for our family, the thing that has brought us all together--almost always under the same roof--and formed deeper connections than any of us could have ever imagined. The product we put forward to the world, for this reason, is a product made of love, enthusiasm, and affection.


Everyday, we wake up, go to work, and share with you a little piece of our family. And every day that you--our guests--visit Wilderness View Cabins, you get a peek into the product of a family’s labor and a family’s love for nature, escape, and restoration in the North Georgia mountains!


Thank you for choosing us for your vacations!