To our guests--who make their way up Fort Mountain every season to stay at our cabins or who see us as the first stop on a journey along the Appalachian Trail--Wilderness View Cabins is a safe, warm, welcoming refuge in the mountains. Many of our cabins are known for their breathtaking views and seclusion; and guests, from Atlanta, Alabama, Florida, the Carolinas, Tennessee (and more!) come to us to escape their everyday and become immersed in nature. 

We also think of Wilderness View Cabins in this way. We started this chapter of our lives to also become closer with nature, to remove ourselves from the chaos of big cities and business attire. For our family, Wilderness View Cabins is even more special. And for me, the daughter and daughter-in-law of the two women who make Wilderness View Cabins the success it is, this business is so much more. 

Wilderness View Cabins represents a blended family and its story. Whenever I tell people this story they’re amazed. The idea of in-laws running a business together seems unfathomable, idyllic, and even naive. But it works. It is beautiful. And this business has become the touchstone for our family, the thing that has brought us all together--almost always under the same roof--and formed deeper connections that I would have never imagined. The product we put forward to the world, for this reason, is a product made of love, enthusiasm, and affection. 

I wanted to start this blog to share our story and to use this forum as a place to communicate how we’ve made our secluded road, tucked away in Fort Mountain woods, our home so that when you come to visit, you can feel at home here as well. I’m not in our offices everyday. My mother-in-law and mom answer the phones day and night, booking cabins for folks all over the country, planning elopement ceremonies, coordinating engagements, and much more. Similarly, my step-dad manages the grounds.  While they do this important work, I am a PhD student, studying literature and working as a writing instructor. My husband assists with the business but is primarily working as an I.T. manager and graduate student. This blog, though, can be the place where our family’s diverse perspectives and knowledge can come together as a resource for our guests. 

We are far too lucky--we have access to (what we argue) are the most beautiful sights in Georgia; we are just a drive away from destinations (restaurants, orchards, shops) that people from all over the southeast travel to. On this blog, we’re excited to share with you tips and secrets to make your mountain getaway as amazing as it can be, while also keeping you aware of everything the region offers, every season of the year. But most importantly, we will offer this information and knowledge with the familial, intimate touch--the touch that sets our business apart from the rest and that keeps guests coming back to Wilderness View Cabins year after year. 

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