Frequently Asked Questions


Below is a list of FAQ that will help make your stay with Wilderness View Cabin Rentals more enjoyable!

What time is check-in? 4:00 p.m.

When is checkout? 11:00 a.m.

Should I use my GPS to find the rental cabin? Sometimes GPS works in the area but due to the mountainous surroundings we advise you bring a hard copy of directions to the office for your convenience.  Please do not rely just on a GPS.

What happens if I have an issue in my cabin after everyone leaves the office? If you have a medical of fire emergancy please call 911. We do provide an afterhours number for all other emergencies. If you have questions or concerns you can call our office during business hours.  

Will I get a refund if we have a family emergency or one of us gets sick? Unfortunately not. Of course we are sorry for any family emergencies but we are a small business and once we take a cabin off the market for you, it will be hard to re-rent at the last minute.  We strongly advise you to purchase Trip Insurance so you’ll be protected in these situations. Click here to read more about CSA Travel Insurance.  Also, please read the Terms & Conditions of CSA Travel Insurance
CSA VACATION RENTAL INSURANCE - Guest Protect Plan - Why You Need To Buy
How many of us could afford to lose the non-refundable part of our trip if something unexpected happened? Your vacation is protected when you buy CSA Vacation Rental Insurance, which offers trip cancellation, delay, and interruption coverage.  Wilderness View Cabins has partnered with CSA Travel Protection to provide you with this important insurance and we highly recommend that you purchase the protection to safeguard against the unexpected.  We all want the trip we’ve planned to be the vacation of our dreams. No one wants that dream to turn into a nightmare, but unexpected events can happen! Troubles can occur when you least anticipate them, illness...medical emergencies...delayed flights [snowstorms] and other severe weather. Forcing you to cancel or interrupt your trip, lose your vacation, and incur unplanned expenses. View a Description of Coverage/Policy at Coverage Questions? Call (866) 999-4018
Please note that the cost of travel insurance in not refundable.

What if your area is predicted to have extreme weather conditions, will I get a refund then? Since we have no control over the weather, we don’t refund for bad weather. Again, we strongly advise you to purchase Trip Insurance so you will be protected in these situations. Click here to read more about CSA Travel Insurance.  Also, please read the Terms & Conditions of CSA Travel Insurance.

What is this Travel Insurance you are talking about? Do I really need it? We always suggest buying the CSA Trip Insurance that we offer for a multitude of reasons. It is an extremely inexpensive way to protect yourself from unexpected events and last minute weather or personal emergencies. Many people think that their credit card or medical insurance will cover them on the trip but most of the time, that is simply not the case. Since our guests have the option of purchasing Travel Insurance, we are unable to give ANY refunds or reschedule for any reason for cancelations within 20 days of arrival. Please visit the CSA Travel Insurance page to read more about the benefits of purchasing for your vacation.

I noticed I have to pay a $40. reservation fee when I am booking my cabin, why?  This covers the cost to maintain an up to date reservation system. 

Which cabins are best suited for the elderly? Some of our cabins have just a few steps. If you are interested or concerned about a particular cabin, please don’t hesitate to call for a better description.

Will we encounter wildlife? If so, why? What kind? Well, we are in the North Georgia mountains. You never know what you will see. Deer, squirrels, wild turkeys, bears, chiggers, field mice, and owls are just a few of the friends you might make. Most of the time they are more scared of you than you are of them. We encourage insect repellent in the summer months due to flying/biting insects.


So, I might see a mouse or a bear? Yes! Hopefully you will have the camera ready. We are located on 135,000 acres of wilderness and throughout wooded area of North Georgia. We deliberately cut as few as trees as we could in order to provide the most seclusion possible and to not disrupt the wildlife. If you see an animal, we will do our best to help the situation but you are in woods, so it may happen!  


Will I get a refund if I see an animal that scares me or that I don’t like?

We don’t charge extra when you get a great picture of a deer, rabbit, or any other cute wildlife so we don’t refund for you possibly seeing a mouse or bear. We do love to hear the creative names our guests make up for the all the animals!

Do you offer firewood? Firewood is available most months at the office which includes matches and starters as well. Each bundle lasts a couple of hours. We cannot guarantee that the wood is properly seasoned so you may want to bring fire logs, fire-starters, or kindling.  If you let us know ahead of time we can deliver it to your cabin and have it waiting for you upon arrival.

Which cabins are the best for guests with children? All of our cabins offer Wi-Fi and either Satallite or streaming televisions. Raccoon Lodge, Black Bear, Grassy Mountain View and Hillside Hideaway offer a pool table. Cliffhanger has a Foosball table. Foxhound Lodge is located in the Cossawattee River Resort that offers many family friendly activities including swimming. 

Which cabins have hot tubs? Many of our cabins have outdoor hot tubs which have a beautiful & relaxing view. (please use the "hot tub" drop down to view cabins with a hot tub)

I have a lot of clothes, which cabins have washers and dryers?  All of our cabins have washers and dryers for you to use.

What are the best places for fishing in the area? There is a small catfish pond on our cabin property, Fort Mountain state park is 5 minutes from the cabin and Carters Lake is about 30 minutes away offering 100's of acres of fishing. There is a fantastic Trout Stream down Mountain Town Creek which is about 8 miles away. If you are feeling adventurous, drive to Lake Conasauga, it is the highest elevation lake in Georgia and feeds into Jack’s river, a famous North Georgia trout stream.  At Lake Conasauga, you can also head to Holly Creek, a popular fishing spot with swimming hole.

What is there to do in the area? Click on our “Things to Do” tab at the top of our website to give you a list of activities in the area. Ellijay and the surrounding areas provides plenty of activities, including mountain and road biking routes, hunting, fishing, swimming, ATV trails, Ziplines, tubing, horseback riding, shopping, river rafting, and much more.

What is the minimum age required to rent a cabin?  The minimum rental age is 21. Between the ages of 21 and 25, damage protection needs to be purchased to secure your reservation.

Can we check-in early or have a late check-out?  This depends on availability. Call 706-517-8810 for details. 

What do we need to do before we check out of the cabins? Please load and start the dishwasher, turn off lights, and leave trash bagged in the cabin.

Where is the closest grocery store to the cabins? Food City and Ingles in Chatsworth, they are about 15-20 minutes away.  Ellijay also has an Ingles, Food Lion, and Wal-Mart.

Where in Georgia are you located? We are located in the North Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains with cabins in both Chatsworth and Ellijay, Georgia. Our cabins are about two hours North of Atlanta and about an hour from Chattanooga.

I can’t leave Fido at home! Do you have pet friendly cabins? We always want you to bring your furry friends! Our pet friendly cabins are  Raccoon Lodge, Shanty Creek, Black Bear, Goldfinch Cottage, Grassy Mountain View, Coyote Bluff and Cliffhanger.  There is a one-time $45 pet fee per pet with a two pet maximum. We do have non-pet friendly cabins as well.

Will I get cell phone service at the cabin? It is unlikely that you will have cell phone service. Some of our cabins have a land line phone for you to use and calling long distance is free with most of them. You can also, turn on "WiFi Calling" on your cell phone.

Does the cabin have phone/internet and TV? Yes, each cabin has at least one television with either Satellite, cable or a streaming service. All of our cabins have Wi-Fi included. Some of our cabins have a land line phone for you to use and calling long distance is free with most of them. You can also, turn on "WiFi Calling" on your cell phone.

Are your cabin non-smoking? All of our cabins are non-smoking but we do provide ash trays outside cabins. (Except Goldfinch Cottage and Foxhound Lodge which are non-smoking properties) Anyone caught smoking in the cabin will be charged at minimum of $250 fumigation fee.

What forms of payment can be used to reserve? We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) and gift certificates. We can accept cash but must have a working credit card on file in case of any damages or excess cleaning. Sometimes we can accept checks but it must be at least two weeks in advance.

Do you offer Discounts? Repeat guests and members of the military receive a "10% off the nightly rate" discount. Some other discounts may be applicable to your stay, call for details.

Can I have more than 2 people in a one bedroom cabin? No, we only permit what is listed for our occupency. To protect the integrity of the cabin,  there cannot be excess people in the cabin beyond its maximum. Our rates are based on four people per cabin, anything beyond that is $15 per extra guest per night.

Do you allow parties or large gatherings at your cabins? No. Septic systems in the cabins are not able to handle large groups. Parking is limited and even though some of the cabins are spaced out on 5+ acres each, sound travels in the mountains and we wouldn’t want to disturb other guests. Quiet hours are between 10 pm and 10 am and are strictly enforced. We reserve the right to ask you to leave, with no refund, if you throw a loud party in one of our cabins.

What happens if I break something in the cabin? Report it as soon as possible. You are responsible for all damages as stated in our Term and Conditions.  We do a thorough check of the cabin before each arrival so we will know if there are any damages prior to your arrival.

Will I get a refund for power outages or for early check-outs? No. Refunds are only issued if you cancel your reservation more than 21 days in advance of arrival (minus the $75. processing fee).

Do you allow one night stays? We do not allow one night stays. However, there are times we can make an exception. Please call us for details.

When is the best time for fall colors and what is the weather going to be like?  Since some of our cabins are on top of  mountain, weather changes quite frequently. For details on the seasons and changing leaves please visit We cannot predict the weather. A good website to check on current weather conditions is They are usually pretty accurate with their forecasts. 

Do you have grills and what type are they? We do have gas grills at every cabin. We ask that after each use you clean the grill and close the lid to prevent wildlife from visiting for leftovers. Please DO NOT put charcoal in the gas grills. Each grill has an extra propane tank provided in case the runs out during your stay.

Please bag all trash, prior to your departure, and follow instructions left in the cabin. Please see instructions in your cabin for trash removal. Do not, under any circumstances, leave trash outside the door, it will attract wildlife.